Irritable bowel syndrom: 21 days of menus

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21 days of menus to ease the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome through an adapted diet! Do you often feel bloated? Does your stomach rumble constantly? Is your bowel function irregular? Have you tried everything to avoid these digestive troubles? No diet can cure irritable bowel syndrome, but an adapted diet can help you effectively combat the symptoms and reduce your discomfort. This latest edition, revised and expanded, is inspired by the FODMAP approach, an innovative method that helps ease gastrointestinal symptoms in most irritable bowel syndrome sufferers.This guide is specifically targeted to your needs : - Understand irritable bowel syndrome and learn how to manage crises ; - Ease your symptoms, their duration and frequency for a better quality of life ; - Get clear recommendations for identifying the ingredients that agree with you and those that are less well tolerated by temporarily following a low-FODMAP diet ; - Plan your meals and snacks with daily menus tailored to your digestive sensitivity. Discover delicious recipes that are quick and easy to prepare: Cream of Oats, Raspberry Muffins, Pork Stuffed with Olives, Pineapple Chicken, Bell Pepper Quiche, Vegetarian Casserole, Cheese Cannelloni... and rediscover the pleasure of eating, worry free, no second guessing. Make your diet your partner in health!

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